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Wisdom teeth surgery

Wisdom teeth surgery removes up to four teeth at once from the back of your mouth. The healing process is about two weeks, which is the time it takes for stitches to dissolve. Throughout the healing process, you may wonder what you can eat.

You should be very mindful of what you eat during the healing process. For at least two days after the surgery, you should only consume foods that require little to no chewing. As your healing continues into the first week, light chewing is acceptable. After ten days have passed, almost all foods are safe to eat.

Immediately Post-Surgery

Many factors limit the food you can eat right after wisdom teeth removal surgery. Your mouth may still be partially numb, chewing may be painful, and hypersalivation and bleeding may make swallowing a challenge. The following foods help you manage post-surgical challenges and provide your body with essential nutrients to help you heal.


Smoothies are an excellent post-surgery food because they are soft, packed with nutrients, and tasty. It is possible to stay well satiated with an all smoothie diet. Oatmeal, protein powder, bananas, and spinach can all be thrown into a blender to make a nutritious and safe post-surgery meal.

Avoid drinking smoothies with a straw. The suction necessary to use a straw creates negative pressure inside your mouth, which can dislodge the blood clot in the tooth socket. This can lead to a painful condition called dry socket.

Creamy Soups

Try creamy blended soups if you crave a savory meal to go along with your smoothies. Creamy tomato basil, broccoli and cheddar, and creamy pumpkin curry soup all deliver big flavor with safe textures. You may have to eat your soup at a cooler temperature than normal, as hot liquid can irritate sensitive gums.

3 Days Post-Surgery

As more time passes, you may feel ready to chew some of your food. The post-surgery food consumption timeline is different for everyone, so wait to eat these foods if chewing is still painful.


A soft pancake is a good introduction back to chewing. Your saliva and tongue will do most of the work, so the stitches in your gums stay safe while eating. Ensure you eat on the opposite side of your mouth to the extraction site to minimize contact with the healing socket.

Scrambled Eggs

Chewable protein at this stage in your recovery does not mean you get to eat meat. Instead, try eating soft scrambled eggs. Melt some cheese on top for extra flavor.

Wait Two Weeks to Return to Normal

Once you feel no pain from chewing, it is safe to eat whatever you want. The only foods to avoid for a full two weeks are popcorn, nuts, and chips. Wait to eat these foods to ensure that no unnecessary setbacks occur in the last days of healing.

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