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Getting the Facts on Cosmetic Dentistry

As a society, we’re pretty obsessed with having beautiful smiles, and who could blame us? Smiles help you share your happiness, they show us that strangers are trustworthy, and they’re routinely cited as being one of the biggest factors in making a good first impression. When we feel confident, it shows, and confidence in our … Continued

The Many Benefits of Tongue Scraping

If you took a survey of your friends and family and asked them what key tools they needed to clean their mouth every day, chances are most would say a toothbrush, floss, and maybe some mouthwash. While this answer is far from incorrect, many people don’t always think about the other large surface area in … Continued

4 Surprising Causes of Bad Breath

You diligently brush your teeth, floss, and have even incorporated a mouthwash into your daily oral health routine, but for some reason you just can’t seem to shake your bad breath! Bad breath is not only annoying, it can be off-putting to friends, coworkers, and anyone new you meet. Oftentimes, we may not even be … Continued

How to Care for Cavity Pain

Any kind of pain in our bodies is annoying and distracting, but pain in the mouth can reach a whole different level of discomfort. Toothaches can get in the way of our ability to enjoy food or even to simply be present in a moment with friends or family. If you sense a cavity may … Continued

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