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What is Restorative Dentistry? Types of Dental Restorations

Restorative dentistry is a term used to describe dental procedures that keep your mouth functioning and healthy. This includes preventative work or replacing missing teeth. Unlike general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry aims to repair or replace teeth rather than preventing oral health issues or disguising dental flaws. Crowns, bridges, implants, fillings, and dentures … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Dental Procedures

If you feel self-conscious about your teeth, you might find yourself covering your mouth when you smile, avoiding family pictures, or stopping yourself from laughing at Happy Hour with your coworkers. Fortunately, you can address many cosmetic dental issues, like tooth discoloration and gaps, with simple cosmetic dental procedures at Steger Smiles. What is Cosmetic … Continued

Tartar 101: How to Keep Your Teeth & Gums Healthy

Tartar is a calcified buildup of bacteria that forms along your gum line. Tartar is the cause of many oral health problems, such as weakened enamel, cavities, decay, and gum disease. Although it’s a common oral health problem, tartar is also an easy one to avoid. In the sections below, we’ll tell you everything you … Continued

Start 2021 Off Right with Good Oral Hygiene

The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your health, habits, and goals. New Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you want to set a goal to read more often, sign up for a gym membership, quit smoking, or make moves in your career. What about your oral … Continued

Last-Minute Oral Hygiene Stocking Stuffers

The decorations are up, the tree is lit, and the stockings are hung with care – but finding small gifts to fill those stockings can be tough, especially as the shopping days dwindle. Stuck for ideas on how to stuff your family’s stockings this year? There are plenty of great gifts that will help encourage … Continued

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