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Amalgam vs. Composite Resin Fillings: How to Choose

Teeth can lose their natural structure and function for several reasons, including decay, trauma, and wear. Fillings are a dental restoration used to fill spaces where the tooth has been lost or damaged. Fillings are necessary when the tooth decay reaches the dentin layer of the tooth. If left untreated, the decay will progress and … Continued

Socket Preservation: Benefits for Jawbone Health and Dental Treatments

When a tooth is extracted, the socket left behind can become infected or damaged. Socket preservation is a procedure that can help protect the socket and surrounding tissues by reducing the risk of infection and speeding up the healing process. Socket preservation helps maintain proper jawbone structure by supporting the existing alveolar process, which is … Continued

Why Interdental Cleaning is Important for Your Oral Health

While twice-daily brushing is crucial for good oral health, brushing only removes 60% of plaque and bacteria. Interdental cleaning, like flossing, removes the remaining 40% of debris from areas your brush can’t reach. Interdental cleaning is the process of cleaning the spaces between your teeth. Regular interdental cleaning can help to prevent gum disease, tooth … Continued

When is a Cracked Tooth a Dental Emergency?

A cracked tooth can be a painful experience. Despite the strength of healthy tooth enamel, you can fracture your teeth in various ways, such as a blow to the face when playing contact sports, a weakened tooth from a large filling, or eating hard, crunchy foods. A cracked tooth can range from a minor inconvenience … Continued

What Does a Dental Abscess Look Like?

Dental abscesses are a common and painful infection that can form in the teeth or gums. They typically appear as a pimple-like swelling on the gums. Left untreated, an abscess can cause serious health problems. They may also cause pain, redness, and tenderness in the affected area. In some cases, dental abscesses can also lead … Continued

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